Client Compliments

In the past I painted scores of horse and dog portraits mixed among landscapes before deciding to concentrate on Sky Pads. Some of my clients made sure I knew how much they appreciated these keepsakes. So....

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but just a few words can also make an artist awfully happy! Here's what some folks had to say about my work.

DezThank you so much for painting my boy! I love it and will cherish it always!

Jennifer H.,
Germfast, MI

Thanks so much Alli! Jennifer loves the painting. It is Dez.

Lisa H.,
Germfast, MI
Menemsha HarborThat's one HOT painting!!! Love!!!!  Bill loves it by the way...

Ann C--Hingham, MA
DT & Junebug



It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect (ok so I had some words)

Thank you so very very much❤️

Diane M--Park Ridge, IL

Mill Pond Fog"The painting hangs in my living room. I am called into the mist every time I gaze at the scene. And, I never tire of gazing. Thank you...I am certain that I will hear another Farkas call my name"

Jennifer R--Cassopolis, MI
"I'm so unbelievably pleased with all four of the Carroll cottage paintings! Each is so unique, so real, so beautiful. My sons each love the one they received and believe theirs is the best--which it is. You have so captured the warmth that everyone feels at the cottage. Your paintings have become our new family treasure. Thank you so very much!"

Kam Carroll--Cassopolis, MI



"I am so excited.  Everything looks great; beyond my expectations. I am beyond ecstatic.  You did a marvelous job; you captured their soul which is the most important thing to me. I can not begin to tell you how happy I am. Thanks for everything, especially for capturing Lakota's soul."

Laura G.--Brevard, NC

Windstorm and Reugan

"I am so incredibly grateful for the picture you painted. I can look at it and it gives me such a sense of comfort.
This is the most wonderful picture of Windy. You really captured her spirit, also Reugan. It is a moment frozen in time...Your technique is so lovely--kind of realistic impressionism. She is alive again, in that painting. You captured her soul!"

Deb R.--Lawrence, MI

Royal Gardener's Eden

"We received Eden’s painting yesterday and it is absolutely perfect. It is almost like I could reach out and pet her! We have it on a wall in our great room, so she is on our view throughout the day. Thank you again for letting my husband give me the best birthday present!"

Gina A.--South Beloit, IL


"Thanks again. The paintings all look FANTASTIC. Eileen LOVES the one of Royce. It's the side of his face we rarely photograph...and you did it so beautifully."

Chad M.--Geneva, IL


"The painting of Marshmallow is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes, we loved her so much. My daughters will love it and cherish it always. Thank you."

Eileen M.--Geneva, IL


Frosty"Your portrait of my beloved Frosty hangs in my LIVING ROOM. You captured his essence. I was fortunate to see his portrait as it progressed...and at each step I wanted that "snapshot". Thanks for ignoring me and finishing it...That my husband allows it to hang in the living room says everything about the work."
Jan F.--Elmhurst, IL


"I have to say that I am completely blown away. The portrait is just phenomenal!!!

Hillary C.--Woodstock IL

Gypsy (Rolling in Clover)

"You are amazing! The portrait is so heart warming, genuine, peace filled-- lovely!...I love it and it means so very much to me...I just can't thank you enough!"

Erin K.--Elkhart Lake, WI

Longmeadow Dawn"The painting was stunning! Thank you for donating it to our (Glow in the Park) Silent Auction... You did indeed make someone very happy!"                                    

Jessica Arnold
Humane Society of Missouri